Content Marketing

“Content is the King” by now you all would be familiar with this phrase or must have come across it at least once. But have you ever thought about why is it so? Why is content referred to as the King in the digital marketing space? Before we get into the details of why’s and how’s, lets first understand what is online content marketing.

So what is content marketing?

Whenever you hear ‘content marketing’, you think about blogs, Facebook posts and blogs. It is much more than that. Content Marketing has been around way before the internet ear came into being. It is an art of storytelling, content marketers are storytellers and stories have been a part our lives for as long as we remember. People are always attracted to great storytellers. The internet changed the shape of the industry and that is how Online Content Marketing was born.

According to the convention, digital content marketing is a marketing strategy which is focussed on creating and distribution of valuable, relevant and rational content to attract a clearly defined audience and ultimately make profits. It is a long-term strategy used by companies and businesses to build a strong relationship with their target audience by giving them high-quality content which they can relate to. This is an effort made to increase the number of loyal customers. The moment a customer makes the decision of purchasing your product, you have gained one loyal customer as they have chosen your product over the competitors.

In a world full of big loud brands, content helps you become the soothing voice that breaks through them. It helps in creating an identity for your brand. Individual bloggers have built up their image through writing, by telling their story. People want to know that you care for them and think of their interests and needs. Content Marketing helps you achieve all these goals for your business.

Success in any online business boils down to engagement. Your brand has good products, great branding and a hard-working team but does not engage with your customers on a regular basis, then you are missing out on the key component for your marketing strategy i.e Audience. Let’s look at how you can make your content more engaging for customers to increase their engagement with the brand.

Set Objective

Set Objective

The meaning of success differs from individuals to individuals. What is a success for us would not be for you? Hence, it is important to know what success means to you. The objective in content marketing can vary between the following:

Increase customer engagement: Users are actively interacting with your brand by liking, sharing or commenting on networking platforms.

Increase website traffic: Website content strategy is also used to increase the traffic on the website. Writing keywords enriched content on the website, blogs and posting the blogs on different pages that link back to you, is an effort to increase the website traffic.

Improve customer experience: The users go online to look for answers. They will not spend more than few seconds on websites that do not answer their queries. Hence, content has used a tool to improve the user experience by telling them the exact story they want to hear.

Share Knowledge: In the ocean of marketers, your company is half a drop. Such is the competition. In order to get noticed, it is necessary to tell your brand story to the customers.

In content marketing, success can mean either getting more website traffic or sharing knowledge with users. Aligning your content topic with the objective can help you achieve a successful content marketing strategy. Speak to a particular niche

When writing a blog or article, make it specific to a certain niche instead of demographics. For example, concentrate on social media marketers, search engine experts if you are in a B2B industry. If your company deals with B2C, concentrate on people with such behavioural traits. This focus encourages the content to speak to the audience who actually understand it. Focusing on one niche will also help you understand the behaviour of your target audience.

Change your social media sharing game You need to up your social media game if you want to increase your engagement. Start thinking from the customer's point of view. What kind of content would they love to share with their friends? Images have proved to be one of the most powerful ways to convey your message and make it viral. Visuals always do a better job in grabbing the attention than simple text. But of course, it won’t be helpful if they are unable to share it. Make it visible to the public so that they are able to share it with their audience as well. Most of all, be a storyteller

The audience loves to hear a good story. Be the storyteller they would want to listen to. Share your brand story, your experience, share your ups and downs with your audience and make them a part of it. It is easy to be a storyteller, but very difficult to make a connection. Most successful content marketers share content their audience can relate to. They use their own experiences to illustrate a point through storytelling.

We have a list of content marketing tools that will help you in launching your first successful content marketing strategy, ready to launch?
Tools for content marketing Buffer: Once you have a great content lined up, you need to share it with the world. You must be writing a number of contents per day for different clients. These clients would have different social media handles, how do you share the same content on so many different platforms? Buffer is one such tool that allows you to schedule, post and shares your content on several websites and gets meaningful results.

HubSpot: It brings the entire marketing funnel together! It assists you in various tasks such as blogging, SEO, Social Media, Website, CTA, Landing pages and much more!

BuzzSumo: This tool is one of the best to generate results. This tool helps you analyze the topic for your content that would perform the best and also find influencers to promote your content. BuzzSumo is extremely easy to use in compared to other tools.

Content writing may seem like an easy task, but it is not. The difference between a good content and a great content is in the way you tell your story. We at Dilly Digital recognise ourselves as experts in the area of building content. Our writers come with immense industry experience and love what they do.

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