Case Study : 360o digital marketing plan

What happens when you approach a client with the best deal in hand and they put it down due to budget constrains? Do you tailor make the offer according to their requirement or do you move on and look for another client?

Dilly Digital approached a consulting solutions start-up to provide them with digital marketing services. The objective here was to acquire new client and to give them the best of our services.
Given the budget constrains in a start-up, do you think they agreed to outsource their digital marketing activities through us? Let’s find out! .


Getting involved with a start-up has its own perks. One important opportunity being, the ability to see the market through the start-up point of view. The raw, untouched and untapped minds of innovative creators. Second opportunity being, if we were successful in bringing this client on-board, we can expect to widen our grip on other start-ups as well.

The client here has an opportunity to get the best digital marketing services from the best agency at a lower cost.

The Challenge:

Many of the start-ups and entrepreneurs feel that outsourcing such services will be expensive for them, given the limited budget. Hence, coming up with a sales strategy that accommodates all these issues and still gives them the best offer, is a difficult task.

Most of them prefer to build an in-house digital marketing wing where they hire interns and the work falls on just one person.

Our Approach:

We had to give them the best offer that we could, the catch was to fit all of it under their budget. In order to understand the nature and the scope of consulting industry, we had to conduct a market research. We found out that 80% of the consulting services are start-up who are just entering the online marketing space. Which mean they are amazed and confused at the same time.

Another thing we found out from our research is that, they need the best services for a decent price.

Before heading out for the meeting and showing the sales presentation to your client, it is always better to study the client first. To know what does your client company lack and leverage it to your benefit in the sales presentation. This way, you would be making them an offer they cannot refuse.

Our client lacked in a few areas. Number one being, their website was lagging and was not optimised according to Google SEO standards. The performance of their website was low too.

When we looked in to their social media pages, we could see that their posts were not original and simple shared from a different website. Their followers count was below 500 and they didn’t even post regularly.

Hence we made them an offer they couldn’t refuse, yes it fit their budget as well.

Here are the services we offered them:
Website Development with full optimisation
Content development for the website with keywords targeting so that their website appears on the first page of the SERP’s
We would handle and manage all their social media pages for them in order to increase the post engagement and to be active.
We revamped their logo and gave their brand a new look. We gave them branding and content solutions as well.

In short, we gave them a 360 degree digital marketing solution for their company.

The Result:

We were able to get the client on-board
Within a span of 2 months, our clients followers increased from 500 to 2000 on Facebook and from 150 to 800 on twitter.
The post engagement increased and people were engaging with our clients on social media
We even managed to open and handle a LinkedIn account for our client and get followers too

For us, its not only about business. We genuinely care for our clients. Initially, we thought it was a risk that we were taking by going ahead with this deal at such a low ROI. But we took the leap of faith. The satisfaction our clients get, is the biggest reward for us.

Digital Marketing Plan for Startups

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