How we achieved 300% traffic in 3 days

Have you ever been in a situation where you have less than a week to strategies and carry out a campaign for your client?
Dilly Digital was asked by one of our client’s in Kuwait to come up with a social media campaign that would go live on the Kuwait National Day. Increasing the website traffic was the objective. Keep reading to find out if we managed to build a plan, execute it and achieve the objective within the given timeframe.


By taking up this challenge, we had the opportunity to put ourselves to test. If we succeed with the task assigned, we would have another achievement in our basket and it would also increase our client’s trust and belief in us as a company.

The Challenge:

The task was one of its kind. The challenge here did not lie in building the campaign, but the time allotted to us to execute the campaign. It is almost impossible to develop a full-fledged social media marketing campaign plan, get it approved from the clients, make the creative’s, develop the content and make it live within a week.

Our Approach:

Step 1: Building the strategy

We had to come up with a strategy and fast. We sketched a 3-day campaign that would involve the users to engage with our clients, hence increasing the website traffic. Kuwait celebrates its National Day on the 25th of February, our campaign went live on the 23rd of February.

Our campaign encouraged users to pledge what they would do or want to do for their country. #This National Day had to be used to convey their message. To make it more interesting for the followers, we kept a little giveaway in the end. The copy said, ‘Pledge your message and stand a chance to win exciting goodies.

Giveaways are a great way to attract more customers to your website. Everybody like freebies right?

In order to divert the user to the website, we created a landing page on the website and shared it on our client’s social media pages. When the user clicks on the link, it would take them to our clients website and the form where they could type in their message.

We came up with the idea of using a hash tag for the campaign because on platforms such as twitter, Instagram and Facebook, hash tags help in reaching out to more people. Which indirectly helps in increasing the website traffic.

Step 2: Developing content and creative’s

Once the blueprint was ready, it was time to put in to action, and for that, we needed graphics and content.

We started out by announcing the campaign on the social media pages with the help of images and gifs. Pictures with the hash tag and giveaway alert were floated throughout the networking sites on the 23rd of Feb.

Case Study of Achieving 300percent Traffic in 3days

Once there was enough engagement on the announcement post, we next floated a blog. The topics and ideas of the blog were interlinked with the campaign and National Day.

The Result:

We were able to pull out an entire campaign and execute it within a span of one week
After the giveaway announcement, our post engagement went up to 7000 in a single night
We were able to deliver 8 blogs and instant creatives over the 3 days
This campaign also helped our clients gain more followers. The followers count went from 44K to 60K in 3 days
We were able to increase the website traffic by 300%

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