Case Study : Increase in conversion rates

Dilly Digital was tasked with building a content marketing strategy for an online gifting company situated in Kuwait. The objective was to increase the conversion rate by growing the website traffic. Keep reading to witness first-hand account of how we helped our client achieve results that mattered to them.


It was a win-win opportunity for both, the client and us. The client would benefit when the target audience makes a purchase from their website, i.e increased conversion rate and Dilly Digital would be able to penetrate the Kuwaiti market.

The Challenge:

When you are dealing with clients in Kuwait, while being situated in the USA and India, how do you deal with the difference in culture and economy. Our biggest challenge was to learn more about the Kuwaiti culture and their economic patterns in order to develop the right content for our clients.

Our Approach:

Step 1: Identifying the USP

Our first step was to understand what our client’s business stands for, to identify what made our client different from their competitors. Every business has a unique strategy or pattern that differs from other businesses. We had to find this unique attribute of our client in Kuwait and use it in their favour.

To gain an in-depth knowledge about this, we ran an audit on the competitors and did a competitors analysis. We realised, our client is one of the few brands in Kuwait that has made online marketing their primary source for business. This is their USP.

Step 2: Developing Keywords

The thumb rule of digital marketing is that you need to incorporate relevant keywords in your website in order to be seen. Keywords are the words that users type in to search engine platforms such as Google and Yahoo to search answers for their questions. Whenever a potential customer keys in words that matches the content on your website, the search engine shows your website on top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Hence, it is utmost important to have as many keywords as possible on your website to increase the frequency for your website to appear on top.

Keeping in mind this rule, we did a keyword analysis with the help of Google keyword tool for our client. Through this, we got a list of keywords that are performing high in the Kuwait area. The results from the competitors analysis also gave us keywords that they were using to appear on the first page.

Step 3: Developing Content

Once all the keywords were in place, next step was to develop the content for our client. Our team of content writers came up with articles, blogs and case studies that would be posted on the clients website. The content revolved around how our client’s business can benefit its customers. It also highlighted how our client differed from its competitors.

Step 4: Affiliate Marketing

In order to increase the conversion rates, it is important to increase the website traffic. They both go hand-in-hand. Hence, we had to search for bloggers and influencers who talk and write about the same industry as our client is in. This helps in diverting their readers to our clients website which in turn reflects in increased conversions.

Step 5: Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a great platform to engage with your clients and build a cordial relationship, especially for the personalised gifts industry. We know and understand the intensity at which social media can be of help to our client, hence we ramped up our campaign efforts on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

We managed our clients social media handles and started posting the articles regularly. Since our client also deals in corporate gifts, we promoted articles and blogs on LinkedIn as well.

Other social media platforms such as Quora, Reddit, Dig, Medium, etc helped us in getting heavy website traffic. Answering questions on Quora proved to be a success as our clients were able to get direct leads.

The Result:

Within a span of one month, we started seeing 80% increase in the conversion rates on our client’s website.
The website traffic increased by 210% over a short period of time
Because of our efficient social media efforts, our clients were able to build a large community of loyal customers and also reach out to new potential customers.
Positive advertising was being spread about our client in the form of word-of-mouth.
Due to effective use of keywords, our client’s website came up on the front page of the search engine platforms such as Google, Bing and Yahoo and the magic of Dilly Digital worked.

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