Make an Informed Decision On Your Digital Marketing & Branding Needs

Make an Informed Decision On Your Digital Marketing & Branding Needs

We are not writing this article just because we are a Digital Marketing Agency, we are just trying to present you with differences and advantages, so you can make an informed decision.

Hiring an expert SEO person or to employ a digital marketing agency to cater to business growth online, a dilemma of sorts, is it or is it not? Well the answer is quite simple if you get the concepts behind the two right.

Let me explain, some business owners might gasp hearing the amount that a Digital Marketing firm charges at an hourly rate to revamp business models online. But wait a second, is there really the need to gasp? I don’t think so.

Firms around the world think of the advantages that come with hiring that perfect SEO person. They are free from humongous hourly charges but is that the deciding factor in finalising the deal. A digital marketing firm might charge amounts in the range of $ 100 minimum per hour for the work that they contribute in landing your business website with good results online. Obviously, charges are reduced in case of an in-house SEO person, but before coming to a conclusion, let’s look at some of the deciding factors that go into the making of that perfect online presence for businesses.

Outsourced Marketing or In-house
                                                                                                           How digital marketing agency differ from an in-house department

An SEO person (the perfect one) of course, will need to carry out audits on a website, provide solutions related to Meta tags, Meta Descriptions, website content, content duplication, website structure and internal linking. He must be a person having a good degree of technical knowledge on how search engines work so that the website will have a long life online at the top. Basically, he will have to market a website in the right way online to increase businesses.

We cannot blame business owners in choosing “the right SEO person” for meeting their business requirements online. This is due to fraudulent services given by some digital marketing agencies. Business owners lose money, time as well as trust on agencies because of the acts of some and as a result, think of hiring an in-house SEO person to take care of all their digital marketing needs effectively.

By looking into some important factors that concern a successful digital marketing campaign we can have a better idea as to which is better.

Hiring an expert in house SEO person or going with a digital marketing agency.

To market a business model successfully online requires many factors like a creative idea that stands out from the rest, unmatched research, Keyword Research for Content, Graphic Designs, Outreach and Social Media. These are factors that I mentioned earlier which decides the fate of a website online.

Let us just dissect each to get better insights

Creative Ideas:- Ideas that resonate with brands perfectly are essential to improve sales figures. This is so because an idea remains with a customer and helps him to connect to a brand more effectively. Creative ideas help boost the mileage of a brand or product by creating a sense of interest in customers. And these ideas are best produced when a group is at work. Different minds are at work to create a number of excellent ideas over a stipulated time period as compared to less number of ideas from an SEO person since he has to manage many things at the same time. We cannot blame him, of course.

Keyword Reasearch and Content :- A very important aspect in terms of communicating right. Good content helps engage customers and convert them into potential businesses and at the same time should satisfy search engines by using good number of keywords in the content and these keywords need lot of research. Digital Marketing firms will be having content writers at their discretion to cater suitably by providing various spin offs on same subjects in a fresh and interesting way when compared to a lone SEO person creating content.

Research :- Research is found effective in groups than when done individually. A researched area on a particular subject will be more since each individuals style of research will be different, therefore creating more data on a particular subject in relation to individual research where the data collected will be thinner. The research data pool created will be more in group research thereby creating an opportunity to showcase only what is best with the connection to a product or brand. Therefore all angles of a product or brand will be better showcased in a website when research is done by a team in comparison to an individual person.

Graphic Design :- These include Graphics, Images, Infographics, Videos and are very important in putting out a brand with the right vibes. An interesting video, graphics or image for that matter can influence customers profoundly. The ideas if put across creatively and engagingly using these mediums can change the perception of a brand or product in a customer, that’s the effect that visual media has had on people over the years.

Outreach :- Outreach is a skill the results of which are best obtained by group works.

Social Media :- It is a skill in itself to bring in engagement to many clients through various social media platforms, a specialty rather and to attain it and expand it to a level of reach whereby it can be used as one of your main outreach weapons is a task not easily attainable.

An ideal SEO person (expert) should be able to manage all of the above mentioned factors, a task in itself. Are you not burdening him too much? Well I would say yes, and the ideal solution for this is to go for a digital marketing agency who can help you in a far better manner. Still confused? Let us get into some more facts so that you are convinced to the core.

Considering requirements from a minimal point of view, let us just zero in onto the three main factors for the time being keeping apart the rest that goes into the making of an excellent online campaign. That is SEO, writing and Graphic designs. A good graphic designer might not be a good writer and vice versa. Similarly an SEO expert may not be good at writing and designing graphics, but without an expert SEO person it is dangerous to go ahead with your digital marketing plans. Therefore these three are inevitable as far as digital marketing is concerned.

Now the minimal hiring cost involved in hiring candidates for these three disciplines taken together will be less than 1/3rd of the total cost involved in assigning your digital marketing needs with an expert agency who have years of experience in assuring your website with traffic and revenue.

Apart from that, other hassles attached with an in house employee like pensions, medical insurance, providing work related resources like computer, office stationaries etc are also avoided by choosing a digital marketing agency.

Another option is freelancing which is not recommended since these projects are highly time sensitive and need to be addressed around a precise time frame. The problem with freelancing is that since you are not in direct contact with them, even if they delay projects you are in a helpless state. I am not generalising but this is a fact that has been faced by businesses with respect to freelancing. Freelancing can be used as a back up to enhance your business concepts rather than depending on them completely to provide solutions to your digital marketing needs.

So these are proven facts on how a digital marketing agency can help enhance your business in a far better way when compared to hiring your own in house SEO expert.

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