The Showdown: In-house vs Digital Marketing Agency

The Showdown: In-house vs Digital Marketing Agency

Outsourced Marketing or In-house
How digital marketing agency differs from an in-house department by Dilly Digital – Digital Marketing Agency based in Tampa Florida with operations in 7 countries along with Kuwait.

I wouldn’t be wrong to say that digital marketing is taking over the business world. MNC’s and small business around the world are incorporating Digital Marketing into their core marketing strategies. How do you dedicate one team of experts only to your digital requirements? As a marketer, you come face-to-face with various challenges in a day. One of the most debated challenges is whether to build an in-house team of digital marketing specialist or to outsource the service from a group of experts from an agency.

Taking a decision depends on various factors. The real task lies with which factor should you consider keeping in mind your company’s immediate plans. Will an in-house team help your business achieve those goals or will outsourcing prove to be a better decision? Let’s find out.

  • Price 

Hiring an in-house team would cost you an annual average of $742,000 whereas outsourcing it to a Digital Marketing agency would cost your company an annual average of $30,000 to $50,000

  • Performance 

The strategies, techniques, and ways of doing digital marketing are not steady and the trends keep changing. To hire a team of professionals, you must invest time, money, and effort in developing a training program. In order to walk hand-in-hand with the current trend, your employee’s must-read blogs on a regular basis, watch videos, attend seminars or your company has to hire a senior marketer to train the new hires.

With a Digital Marketing agency, that is not the case. The individuals already come with years of experience and are/will be certified professionals. They know exactly what the market trends & needs and how to make things work. Best part? You save a lot of money in training and can invest the same in your campaigns.

  •  Multi-tasking

A common mistake that companies with an in-house digital marketing department make is that they try to do a lot of things on various digital platforms with a small and sometimes inexperienced team at the same time. Due to which, employees constantly are pressurized to multitask. In the end, they would not be able to go a good job for either of the company.

True, agencies also take a lot of clients at the same time. The only difference is, an agency will be able to view your brand objectively, tell you what is actually possible in terms of strategy, and create bespoke marketing which is engaging for your customers.

We understand that having an in-house team is useful in terms of convenience and fast-paced environment. There is no reason for you to not except the same level of dedication and efficiency, maybe a little more and at 70% lesser cost, from an agency.

Any Digital Marketer let it be your staff or an agency, say this… Do the Digital Marketing Right or Don’t Do At All. The negative effects of SEO are irreversible sometimes.

Still confused? Why don’t you try our nothing to lose offer and see for yourself?

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