Why Traditional Marketing is not enough & fails to land new customers for Hotel & Travel Industry in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain

Why Traditional Marketing is not enough & fails to land new customers for Hotel & Travel Industry in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain

Digital Marketing has evolved in the past few years bringing about innovative changes in technology and marketing opportunities. It is taking over traditional marketing big time. It has become increasingly easy to promote businesses online and get customer insights through digital marketing. Also, it is cost-effective and inexpensive than that of traditional marketing.


Kuwait has a population of about 4.17 Million people, out of which 4.10 Million people are internet users. The potential of taking your business online and attaining success is huge! This does not restrict to just entertainment industry or small businesses, the hospitality sector can gain more visitors and customers with effective use of digital marketing strategies in their business plans.

If you are in the hotel industry, and do not know why and how could help your business better, Let Dilly Digital do the needful for you.

Digital Marketing is an amalgamation of website development, content writing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, etc. You need to incorporate these startegies in your business in order to reach the highest level in the ladder.

Here are 5 pro tips curated by us so explain how you can use digital marketing to leverage your business:

Digital Marketing for Travel and Hotel industry in Kuwait Saudi Arabia Dubai and Bahrain
Digital Marketing for Travel and Hotel industry in Kuwait Saudi Arabia Dubai and Bahrain














  1. Make a website


The first and foremost step for any business looking to indulge in digital marketing activities is to develop a website for their company. It is similar to a booklet or a brochure that shows who you are to the potential clients. Developing a website could turn out to be extremely handy as you will the customers can browse through all your services at the same time. Your website shows how your clients vacation can be if they choose to avail your services. Hence it is important to keep updating the photo gallery regularly and also make online booking available.

Your website must have the right contact number and the design should be appealing to the customers.
How about putting yourselves in the customers shoes and going through your website?


  1. Website audit and competitors


Optimisation is a word we have heard quite a lot, but what does it really mean? Optimisation in basic meaning refers to making the best use of the resources that is there in your hand.

When it comes to the digital space, it is important to check if your website is fully optimised. It is necessary to know if your pages have been crawled and ranked so that it is easier for people to see your business. This process must be done before you start with SEO. Make a complete website audit and check for faults. Looking out for what the competitors are doing is also important. Make a list of keywords that they rank for so that you can get an idea of what keywords to us in your website.

Being unique and understanding the market is the key.


  1. Search Engine optimisation process


SEO is a process of increasing your website ranking on search engine platforms. It consists of off-page and on-page optimisation.

On-page consists of website’s content, title description, meta tags, etc.

Off-page consists of creating backlinks, blogging, affiliate marketing. Local SEO can increase website traffic and inquiries.


  1. Using Social Media


We have all witnessed the power of social media in the last few years, it is baffling. For hotel industries, it a great platform to advertise their strong points or USP’s. Images and videos intrigue viewers more than written text, social media has proven this. Hence it is one of the best medium to increase website traffic.

Ask people to tag your business page on their images that they post on social media. One can build an amazing relationship with customers through social media.


  1. Content


We strongly believe content is the most important aspect, the king, of digital marketing. It has the ability to take your hotel industry to places. Content has a story to tell, something that fascinates the customers about your hotel. Build a strategy around it, write blogs and make content your tool for promoting your hotel in the best possible way!


Digital Marketing can help hotel industry in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain reach the skies. So what are you waiting for? Drop a mail to info@dillydigital.com and witness magic!



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