Digital Marketing & Branding in NORWAY, How to find the best agency ?

Digital Marketing & Branding in NORWAY, How to find the best agency ?

How to find the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Norway

Humility, culture and respect. These are the key things that Norwegians take into consideration when it comes to their culture and values. They believe in simplicity and have their Norwegian traditional customs and traditions that are respected and followed by all. It is interesting to find that initially people of Norway used to be best known for their rural culture. However, the upcoming modernization of culture includes Jante Law and Constitution Day.
Jante Law serves as a significant part of modern Norwegian culture. Wealth is not shown off, people don’t criticize each other, and egalitarianism is the key. On the other hand, 17th May is Constitution Day in Norway. This day is celebrated with Norwegians participating in parades accompanied by bands, civic and volunteer groups, unions, educational institutions and various artistes.

To gain a better understanding of Norwegians on a professional level let us have a look at the following:
1) Openness: Norwegians are the frank people who believe in transparency. The more transparency, the better it will be to work with them on a professional level. This will keep the relationship with respective clients and employees healthy and create lesser chances of misunderstandings. Therefore, openness is one of the key factors that needs to be kept in mind when it comes to working with Norwegians. Moreover, for any business to be successful, it is important to maintain a certain level of openness as well.

2) Honesty: Norwegians appreciate honesty especially when it comes to working on a professional level. No business can function smoothly without honesty among the clients, customers and employees. Values of honesty can lead to positive vibes for the company as a whole. Though it might take time for clients and certain companies to be honest with one another, as long they both have a common goal in mind, and they work hard towards achieving that goal, they can always work together in the long run as well.

Best Google Adwords Certified Agencies in Norway3) Sincerity: Creating healthy relationships with clients and companies is what Norwegians strongly believe in. However, there is a difference between creating healthy relationships and committing to a certain work. Once a person has committed to doing a particular task, he/she must ensure the work is carried out smoothly within the specified time. This is what sincerity is all about. The more one has sincerity, the easier it will be to work with Norwegians.

4) Punctuality: Being punctual especially when it comes to dealing with Norwegians is one of the important things that one needs to keep in mind. Be it attending a meeting, or having a face-to-face chat, one needs to make sure he/she is on time.

As long as the above points are kept in mind, you should not have any problems working with Norwegians on a professional level.

With the advancement in technology, companies in Norway must be aware of how the digital world is growing at a fast pace. It is a challenging task to be up-to-date with existing as well as start-ups who are in a constant battle on the digital platform. In such a situation, companies would certainly need to rely on a particular best digital marketing agency/company in order to match up to its digital presence so as to be at the top of every search engine. At the same time, it must also communicate the right message to its target customers online so that its business can be successful with implementation of SEO. Let’s have a look at few factors that needs to be kept in mind when it comes gaining a positive and relevant online marketing presence.

Best Search Engine Optimization Marketing Agencies in Norway


1. A Common Goal: One important thing must be kept in mind before starting internet marketing. Having a common goal in mind. No matter what the concept might be, in order to get more success for your business, you must have common goal and ideas to implement that goal in mind.

2. Form a Promotional Network: A digital marketing channel serves as the ears and eyes for any business. They help in providing valuable information about the company’s products and services in its own unique way. This network is created with four crucial factors which are, awareness, interest, desire and action, also referred to as AIDA, which serves as the most practical and effective form of promotional network/channel for any business in the market.

• Awareness:
In such a media-centric environment, it is important to get the attention of customers. However, this is why this particular network comes into importance because unless the customers are well aware of the product, they will not gain any interest of the product or service either. Therefore, attracting the right audience and customers serves as an important part of promotional network. One can do that using powerful words and visually pleasing content that will grab the attention of the viewers.

• Interest:
Once the target customers are well aware of the products or services of a particular company, the next step would be to ensure that they are interested in the product/service. This is one of the most challenging stages in the AIDA model. One can have a lot of interesting ideas. But to convert that into visually appealing content is what will make the company stand out from the rest in the digital world.

• Desire:
The interest and desire usually go hand in hand. In other words, as you are building the interest of the customer, you will also be trying to offer them an easier way to purchase the certain product or service. It’s more about how you well you can convince your customer to purchase your product or service, ensuring that the right message of the company is sent across in the right manner. This is where conversion rate optimization strategies come into picture.

• Action:
This is the final step wherein the customer is not only well aware of the company’s product/ service and brand but is also well convinced that the company can be of good use to him. Its main objective is to make the real client prospect and ensure that the client finally purchases the product/service provided by the company. This is where click to action button placement formulation helps.

3. Assess existing digital marketing networks and properties: While reviewing on the existing digital marketing channels, it is extremely vital to certify that those channels are the right match for your company. You must look at the image on a macro level for a successful digital marketing strategy and search engine rankings. The well-preserved, established, and rewarded media agenda helps in classifying the digital ‘vehicles’, assets, or channels that you’re already making use of. Let’s have a look at the following for a better understanding:

• Owned Media:

This refers to that kind of media unit that encompasses of stages that are possessed by your company. These platforms include:

• Online: This includes your website, blog, mobile apps, e-books,
e-mail newsletters, other e-mail communications, etc.

• Offline: Your handouts, catalogues, newsletters, product packaging, magazines, and many more in physical copy/hard copy.

• In real life: Your marketing creation, conferences, other live or digital events.

• Earned Media:
Earned media is basically word of mouth (WOM). In a nutshell, whichever exposure has been established by your company through word of mouth is earned media. Its goal is to get customers, consumers, influencers and other media agencies, talking about your company/ brand. Whether the content is through your own website or through other websites, as long as your company is being talked about on the digital platform to a great extent, earned media is definitely the credit that you have received as an outcome of it all. The final expected out come is be on top of search results with Search Engine Optimization strategies.

• Paid Media:
This kind of media is content that your company pays for. Some instances of paid media are print ads, commercials, sponsored social media posts, sponsored blog ads, pop up ads, and so on. The role of this type of media is to shift from foundation to a compound that feeds owned business and creates earned media. Therefore, one must listen carefully to earned media in order to get better results in paid media.

It is extremely important to keep the above in mind before going in the key digital marketing strategies, since they both go hand in hand. This is not only in case of existing companies but also goes to start-ups. Let’s have a deeper look at the strategies, shall we?

1) Web Design in Norway :

We have reached a phase in the digital world where it is all about the visual aspect. The more attractive the visual content, a part of content marketing strategy, the more appeal it will have to the target customers and clients. Therefore, for any company to be successful, it is essential for them to ensure that their website is not only user friendly but also has the visual appeal that makes it stand out from the rest on the digital platform. This is where digital agencies like Dilly Digital can come into the picture where it can help you make your website stand out from the rest, ensuring the message is sent across to the target customers in the right manner. In case of Norway though, it is recommended that you have a dual language website, thus making it available in both Norwegian as well as English. This will thereby maximize your company’s potential, and keep your company open to other clients in the market.

2) Online Marketing for Norway :

The term itself is quite diverse to say the least. This kind of marketing includes a lot of other important digital marketing strategies. They are the following:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Norway :

Just like every other website, is it is essential for your company’s website to be at the top of the results in any search engine rankings. This is where SEO comes into the picture. It’s true that a lot of companies prefer to have their own way of reaching their audience. However, what they don’t have is the key to a successful SEO which lies in the hands of digital agencies. Not only do they have the right means to help you gain your business but also have a statistical data that can help you in achieving your goal given the amount of intense competition that is there on the digital platform. Let’s take an instance. Your company is the best vet hospital in all of Norway. Now, if someone in Norway was to search for the best vet hospital in Google search, you would most naturally want your website to show up as the top search result to ensure the prospect sees you and reaches you and thus increasing the business. SEO can help you in achieving this goal.

• Pay Per Click (PPC) for Norway: This has been and continues to be one of the most effective and important elements of online marketing. It includes advertising and Google Adwords that would allow you to place an advertisement on the right side of the search engine result pages. You have to pay only when the user clicks on the advertisement that is linked to your website. Choose a best certified Ad words agency to achieve the maximum potential.

Social Media Marketing in Norway :

Start-ups these days are mostly being advertised and made visible on the digital platform through a variety of mediums, one of them being social media. Unlike other platforms it is importance to note that each platform has a specific kind of audience. Therefore, a company’s way of communication will have to differ on each platform based on the kind of audience it is catering to. Social media marketing on the other hand plays a major role in building the brand/ company in today’s generation. Moreover, creating visually appealing content for the viewers would certainly help in reaching more audience. So, considering this Social Media marketing should be a vital part of your digital strategy to become a best visible brand in market.

Best Digital Marketing SEO Agencies in Norway

E-mail Marketing in Norway :

A lot of start-ups may not consider this to be an effective tool of marketing. Truth to be told. e-mail marketing is in-fact one of the most effective tools of digital marketing. Moreover, the more creative it is, the more it will stand out from the other companies. The unique part of this kind of marketing is that it can be customized and sent to the targeted people as and when required. For instance, giving a special deal to one of your clients in specific using this form of marketing is the perfect way to let them feel important, and gives a sense of trust, and loyalty from your company’s end. The two advantages of e-mail marketing are price and ease. Not only is it cost effective but also makes it easier to target the right customers/ clients at the right time.

Content Marketing in Norway :

Probably you would have heard this a million times by now “content is king”and it’s still true in todays world. As it has rightly been said, content is the king. One cannot function without content in any business. Moreover, now days its more about what the company is trying to communicate through its content. Without content, no company/ brand will be able to market themselves in the best possible manner. One needs to be able to use the content in a way that will answer each and every question of the client, consumers and prospective clients. This is how your company will be able to stand out from the rest.

Now that you have a detailed understanding of the key digital marketing strategies, the next question that may come to your mind is why companies in Norway should go for digital marketing businesses to carry out these marketing strategies? Let’s have a look.

1) Thorough Understanding: As one of the leading digital marketing agencies, Dilly Digital’s goal is to ensure that its client receives the finest possible marketing results for its advancement and achievement. Dilly Digital aims at achieving best possible results by tapping into a country’s culture and incorporating that into its businesses.

2) Economical: Though many companies these days aim at going for its marketing strategies in-house, what they fail to comprehend is that digital marketing agencies like that of Dilly Digital not only creates creative content that are visually appealing for your company but will provide you with approaches that would be cost effective as well as suit your business for it to reach its highest in future.

3) Extra Notice: A unique fact is that from the year 2017 till now the total number of social media users has increased by 6%. However, Dilly Digital deals with way more than just sticking to one kind of marketing strategy. After getting a deeper understanding of its client and looking into the global statistics, this digital agency will provide you with the best and most effective strategies to use for its better growth and development. This way the client will get more notice and presence on the digital platform as well.

4) Focusing on Mobile Users: As mentioned before, Dilly Digital does not focus on sticking to one form of marketing strategy. As per newest information collected, 97% of Norwegian people use the mobile phone on a daily basis. Keeping this in mind, Dilly Digital will provide its clients with strategies that would not only focus on mobile customers but also look into other means of marketing, for a better online presence.

5) Tracking Victory: Dilly Digital promises to keep you updated based on how well your company is doing thanks to its unique marketing strategies. Besides, it will also ensure that the client’s main objective is met and its message is communicated well enough across the digital platform through Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console and so on.

6) Key words: Key words play a crucial role specially when it involves various clients from a global perspective. Different countries will have their own way of searching for the concerned product/ service. This is where a digital company such as Dilly Digital comes into the picture. Providing their clients with the right key words so that their target customers can find them easily online and cater to their needs. This can be for both existing companies as well as start-up companies.

Now days with an increase in competition in the internet marketing world, only few companies will take their precious time to do a thorough research on their client. Dilly Digital is one such digital marketing company that not only does thorough research on its client but also makes sure its client receives the best results in an effective and economical manner. For a country like Norway, Dilly Digital will ensure it has all the detailed and statistical data that needs to be taken into consideration before coming up with the best solutions for its client in that country. Let’s take an instance for a better explanation. is Norwegian’s largest classified advertising website in the number of page views and has around 3.5 million users a week according to TNS Gallup. This has solely been possible thanks to the visually attractive content that is admired by the viewers on the digital platform.

If you can spend so many hours on the internet for leisure, why not utilize that time on building a better brand image for your company on the digital world? Digital marketing is the present and will continue to grow technologically on a fast pace every year. It is in times like these that a start up or even an existing company must take up the choice of going for a digital company that will thereby benefit your business in the long run and prove to be the reason for success in future.

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